Feb 10

GN Solids Control is China & USA leading brand for solids control and waste management. The company have been working for this field over 10 years. High quality product, premium service will make GN walk farer and longer.

1) GN product range

GN Solids Control items:  Shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, centrifuge, mud agitator, mud gun, mud tank, centrifugal pumps, screw pump, shear pump etc.

GN waste management items: Thermal desorption unit, solidification unit, dewatering unit, flocculent unit, waste management centrifuge, slurry pump, oily sludge treatment system, modular waste management equipment, vacuum suction pump etc.

decanter centrifuge

2) Hot product of GN: Decanter centrifuge & shaker screen

GN Various model centrifuges:

9 inch baby centrifuge

14inch middle size centrifuge

18inch big bowl centrifuge

22inch big bowl big volume centrifuge

30inch huge bowl centrifuge for TBM, or other construction application.

GN Various shaker screen types:

GN replacement screen for Derrick FLC503 / FLC48-30, both flat screen/ pyramid screen available.

GN replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose, we recommend composite material shaker screen with longer life and better performance.

GN replacement screen for D380, we recommend composite material shaker screen with longer life and better performance.

GN replacement screen for Cobra/Venom shaker, we recommend composite material shaker screen with longer life and better performance.

3) GN overseas facility:

GN headquarter in suburb of Beijing, China – GN Solids Control

GN Solids Control have the latest technology machine for production. We have clean office building, regulated workshop and warehouse. We welcome client to check GN factory before order, to make sure the choose is wise.

GN have branch company in Houston, USA- GN Solids America.

GN Solids America have been in operation over 3 years. We have office, warehouse, sales people and workers there to support North America market and South America market. We welcome client close the USA coming to check GN product and talk with our sales for any project.

GN Solids Russia is working also to support Russia and neighbor Russia speaking countries.

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Sep 06

Dewatering technology is greatly use for chemical separation of the solids phase form the liquid. By using some chemicals, the fine particles of solids flocculate into larger ones and to be separated out from the liquid phase. Take the oil and gas drilling mud industry as example, there are 2 main methods to be used, the dewatering centrifuge and the filter press. Seen from their outlook and working principle, they are quite different, but which to choose and why to choose is not only based on the first look, we need a detailed calculation.

  1. Purchasing cost. The cost for buying each of them is no much different, and also comparing with future consumption, this cost seems less important.
  2. The chemicals consumed: because of the high speed and high G force of the decanter centrifuge, no much chemical is needed. But in case of filter press, more chemicals in need for fulfil the work.
  3. Water usage amount: the decanter centrifuge need to be flushed only after continuous operating and the water consumption for each time is 3-4 cbm per day, but the filter press need to be flushed all over after usage, need around 150 cbm per day. In some water scarce place, this factor has to be taken into consideration.
  4. Human force needed: it is not a heavy work to operate or observe the operation of the decanter centrifuge, so one person for one centrifuge is enough. In case when several centrifuges are at same place, even one operator can work for them all. But in case of filter press, one filter press need at least 2 persons to run it.
  5. Spare parts: the spare parts for decanter centrifuge is less than the filter press.

GN centrifuges

GN Solids Control is professional in decanter centrifuges, GN has decanter centrifuges from 9 inch bowl diameter to 22 inch bowl diameter and now GN decanter centrifuges are not only used for oil and gas industry but also for other industries. For more information, welcome to contact GN freely. GN solids control produced mud handling equipments and mud tanks are mainly used for cleaning and recycling the used driling fluids from the well bore. The mud handling equipments range including: Shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, chemical mixing unit, Mud Gas Separator, mud agitator, bottom mud gun, shear pump, decanter centrifuge, vertical G cuttings dryer.

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Aug 19

As is well known in the oil and gas drillingindustry, GN Solids Control has become a more and more famous brand among the solids control manufacturers. And along with the development of the industry and the higher standard for the discharged waste, this industry is more and more depending on the drilling waste management solutions. In order to have are more efficient solution, every manufacturer is trying to provide some ideas. GN Solids Control is the one who has brought its idea into reality and such solutions are proved to be useful.

Solidification Unit

GN products range covers following fields:

  1. Oil and gas drilling solids control equipment including shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mud guns, pumps and vacuum degasser and etc, and GN is professional for the complete system including the mud tanks.
  2. Mud recycling system for other drillings like HDD, CBM, TBM and water well drilling, for such systems, GN has both the economic configuration option with necessary treating phases an high configuration option with complete treating systems.
  3. Drilling fluids drilling waste management systems, which is used to treat the old mud, to make the old mud from the system to be suitable for further drilling again. Here GN employs some chemicals together with physical separation as dewatering unit and dewatering centrifuge.
  4. Drilling cuttings waste management systems, for water based mud, the high-G dryer and decanter centrifuge, for oil based mud ,the vertical cuttings dryer and the high speed decanter centrifuge.
  5. Final treatment for the high request treating result. In order to fulfill the higher request of treating result before discharge, GN has designed GNGH series solidification unit and TDU for final treatment of drilling cuttings.

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Jul 26

A .The adjustment of the drum speed.


The adjustment of the bowl speed is performed in  manual adjustment or decanter centrifuge plate prescribed maximum working speed following the adjustment.

Different rated speed by installed different size wheel by diameter for driving the main belt wheel to set different drum operation speed

In variable frequency drive decanter centrifuge will paired with control panel that allow increase and decrease the drum speed.

By fine-tuning the speed of the drum, it can perform more precise solids particles separation.  It can also improve the wear of the drum, the vibration and the noise to extend the service life of the decanter centrifuge.

The separation purpose or drilling fluid solids content  is by the choice drum speed. For instance, barite recovery or processing high-density mud, it is suggested that the low spending  speed. For general medium density mud prefer choose medium or high speed.  The low density mud is ideal for using high speed decanting centrifuge.

decanter centrifuge-2


B. The adjustment of the differential drive


Centrifuge differential speed (back drive is also refer by) in its within the prescribed scope of, do not suggest user to adjust and it can only adjust in a small range change the parameters.

Different speed centrifuge adjustment methods are remove the original auxiliary motor pulley, and reloading large diameter or smaller diameter belt wheel  Auxiliary motor pulley  change the differential input shaft speed enhancement in result of differential speed decreased. On the other hand, it can also cause differential speed increase.


Operators must understand that regular maintenance on the centrifuge such as regular cleaning the inlet and outlet by filling water or diesel depends what kind of fluid it needs process.  It is also crucial that  add grease to the bearing parts to ensure proper lubrication.

GN Solids Control sell a series of solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment including vertical cuttings dryer , shale shaker  , shear pump , oilfield shale shaker , mud cleaner , desander and desilter , vacuum degasser , Mud Gas Separator , decanter centrifuge , mud tank , mud agitator , etc . GN Solids Americal normally keep stock for GN main product and shale shaker , mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge always keep stock there to service local client .

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Mar 01

Yesterday, GN’s manufacturing department done the fabrication of a mud mixing tank with increase hoppers. Mud mixing tank is widely used in the drilling mud system regarding mixing and re-configuration the actual drilling fluids. Also this will be used for storage the particular active drilling fluids.

mud mixing system
The mud mixing system is actually consisting of mixing tank, mud agitators, mud guns, mixing pump and mud hoppers. Usually, the mixing pump as well as the mud hopper will be situated at one end with the mud tank to make the mixing tank system a compact and also single unit, while in a few projects, the mixing pump and hopper are installed on another skid so that the mixing tank and the jet mud mixer could be used much unhampered. The picture in this article shows that the particular jet mud mixer skid was located at 1 side of the mixing mud tank. There are one mixing pump and 2 mud hoppers on the skid. The mixing pump is connected with the two hoppers, one of the hoppers is needed for mixing barite to create weighted drilling fluids, plus the other one is used for including bentonite into the drilling liquids.
There is a steel frame about second hopper with iron bars over the hopper. This specific horizontal steel bar is needed to hang the bentonite handbag which will be hooked at several corners of the steel structure to make it easier for adding typically the bentonite powder into the hopper. It is worthy to mention the fact that steel bar is with forklift lifting slot so that the club with bentonite bags may be lift and put on the shape by a forklift to save man power.
This mud mixing system is with a control panel to control mixing pump which could transfer mud to both hoppers. Around the mixing tank, there is one more charge pump which is used to help transfer the active mud back to the rig with regard to reuse.

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Feb 23

Solids control machinery manufacture GN Solids America LLC currently have sales and warehouse in Houston, Texas USA to provide the demand of reasonable priced machinery and fully staffed service personals and replacement parts.  We often keep decanter centrifuge, shale shaker and mud cleaner in stock at Houston to serve the demand in movement’s notice. For demand of compact size and with full scale of treating capacity of desanders and desilters, GN Solids America LLC proudly offer the combo machinery called mud cleaner.

Mud Cleaner manufacture by GN Solids America LLC is put it together in following parts:



Adjustable angle mechanism

Explosion-proof vibration motor

Explosion-proof control panel

Desander cones

Desilter cones

As we mentioned before, mud cleaner exist due to demand of compact structure and cost-effective for company that demand it. It is swirling in sand, cyclone in addition to a combination of mud and vibration sieve, the mud cleaner integrated performance of the above three kinds of equipment, with large processing capacity, processing speed, the screen long service life, convenient maintenance, compact structure, large processing capacity, processing speed, the screen long service life, convenient maintenance, less functional loss, the advantages of small space occupation.

mud cleaner.

The filtering screens that used depend on condition of the mud, the various mesh measure by API stand offer from API 20 to API 325 and above if needed to be.  The surface of screen made the drilling mud distributed evenly for filtering the solids cutting.

The chassis and the main box is angle adjustable by turning mechanism, which is linked on both side and it can operation by simple cranking the mechanism.

The mud cleaner will be purposely removing the drill cutting through desander and desilter. The box that contains shaker screens as one whole unit that offers convenience of oil drilling operation.

If you need mud handling equipments and dirlling mud system ,pls contact with GN solids control in Beijing, China or GN solids America in Houston, USA, we have the main mud handling equipments including: Shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, chemical mixing unit, jet shearing unit, mud agitator, bottom mud gun, transfer pump, decanter centrifuge, vertical G cuttings dryer in stock for immediate shipment.


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Dec 10

As China leading manufacturer of mud systems, GN Solids Control mainly focus on below fields:

1) Drilling mud solids control equipment, like shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, mud agitator, mud gun, mud tanks, mud mixing system, liquid mud plant (LMP), poor bog degasser, vacuum degasser, barite recovery centrifuge, solids control centrifuge, etc…

2) Drilling waste management equipment, like high speed centrifuge with PLC VFD control, big bowl big volume centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, high G drying shale shaker, drill cuttings solidification unit, thermal desorption unit (TDU), screw conveyer and other cuttings transfer unit

3) Unlike other solids control manufacturer, GN Solids Control also specialized in Compact mud recycling system for HDD rig, CBM rig , water well drilling rig, Geothermal drilling rig and other no-dig and trenchless rigs.



GN Solids Control customized 1000GPM HDD mud recycling system for (China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau) were sent to their jobsite and achieved excellent activities.

For easy movement and cater for hazardous environment, the 1000GPM including below equipment:

1) 1 set double deck shale shaker desander. The top deck uses fine screen while the bottom deck utilize coarse shaker screen.

2) 1 set double deck shale shaker desilter. The top deck uses fine screen while the bottom deck utilize coarse shaker screen.

Many customer may wonder, why there is no shale shaker for the system. The reason is that, the bottom deck shaker of desander and desilter have been alliented by mud distribution pipes. Mud comes out from well head will be divided into the 2 bottom shaker deck.

All mud from bottom shale shakers and desander will fall down into the shaker tank, and then transferred to desilter for treatment. Clean mud from desilter cone will fall down to desilter tank, while dirty mud will be separated again by bottom shaker and fall down to shaker tank for recycling.

3) 2 ea middle speed centrifuge also equipped for the system to enable a perfect separation. The 2 centrifuges are mounted on the a skid for easy movement.

4) 2 ea mud tanks, desander desilter feeding pumps, tanks accessories, etc…



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Nov 02

The mud guns that place in the mud system’s function is to move drilling mud from tank space to another.  GN Solids America LLC’s mud gun can be either fixed or rotate setup for drilling operators to optimize the performance for the mud gun.

The mud gun can be use in high pressure and low pressure spray action by using different feeding pump.  The high pressure kind of mud gun is smaller design whole low pressure kind  is larger compare with high pressure kind .  The mud gun equip with movable nozzles and mounted on the mud tank with joint and connected with the pump.  It separate the drilling mud in jet form and mixing the drilling fluid in the pool of mud to keep the drilling mud consist mixed.

Mud Gun

The mud gun’s nozzle  is equip either fixed direction or rotated direction. The fixed nozzle is with hydraulic mixing line, the difference is that the drilling mud gun installed the two diagonal, nozzle direction parallel to the vertical tank wall tank. So as to form a can of drilling fluid layer rotation. But in the height direction, the jet effect can be ensured to ensure the convection of the drilling fluid.   The rotary nozzle drilling mud gun is by the input pipe, barrel, crosshead, two curved pipe with threaded joints, can change the nozzle and two coat nut composition, the gun body through the ball bearing and the input pipe is connected with. The drilling fluid through the inlet pipe, a nozzle, crosshead and start at a certain speed to the opposite direction. Speed depends on the drilling fluid pressure, density and viscosity.

GNNJQ Series manufacture by GN Solids America LLC are meant to provide supplemental or primary mixing in mud tanks depending on the number being used and the pit size. GN Solids Americal normally keep stock for GN main product and shale shaker , mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge always keep stock there to service local client . More information please Click this link



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Jul 24

GN 150GPM mud agitator is a small mud agitator system for the small drilling project such as mining drilling and HDD drilling. Mini size and excellent working condition are ultimate advantages


Major Equipment

1 .Shale shaker will handle with 150 gallon per minute

2. There are two decks in the shale shaker.

3. GN high performance centrifugal pump transport the fluid to the 4 inch cones

4. 4 inch de silter hydrocyclone cones are second step to process the drilling fluid or mud agitator.

Mixing hopper for mud mixing and add chemical into the fluid.

5. Compact tank design is for mud recycle and storage.


Working Function


Firstly, drilling fluids will be pump into the bottom deck of shale shaker by the submersible pump and subsequently the solids are separated by shaker screen. Fluid goes into the tank, and centrifugal pump transfer the fluids to the hydrocyclones and have the further process. Consequently, the cleaning fluids will be stored in the tank and disposal will be separated by the top shaker screen.


Our mini mud agitator system is widely used for the HDD and mining industry.

If you want to know more,pls click the links as below:

How to match mud agitator in mud tank

The structure and working principle of the mud agitator

The mud agitator knowledge



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May 24

gn company oil-base drilling fluid systems are designed for demanding applications, including those requiring the best quality degree of inhibition and thermal stability. Our USA mud agitator involves oil-base drilling fluids engineered specially for technically challenging, yet cost-conscious applications, along the lines of the onshore and shelf markets.

Dependent around the application, our oil-base drilling fluids is often formulated which has a assortment of base oils, including low-toxicity mineral oil. Our custom-made oil-base drilling fluids supply the utmost in effectiveness in typical and unconventional drilling applications by Retaining wellbore integrity

Tolerating contaminants

gnsolidamerica was the 1st to produce a synthetic-base drilling fluid procedure exhibiting the highest level of drilling and environmental effectiveness. Our introduction of your pioneering Novara synthetic-base drilling fluid procedure cemented our distinction since the leader in deepwater exploration.

Our suite of synthetic-base drilling fluid programs generates the greatest balance concerning environmental acceptability and high effectiveness in demanding applications. Formulated with many blends of synthetic fluids, our premium synthetic-base drilling fluids deliver an exceptionally stable bodily and chemical medium. Ideally designed for deepwater, our synthetic-base drilling fluids also provide superior environmental effectiveness in contrast to traditional fluid applications.

As drilling applications be converted into a lot more complex and environmental laws tighten,gn solids america continues to focus on mud agitator. The latest result of that effort is the new-generation flat-rheology synthetic-base drilling fluid. the model was one in the to start and synthetic-base drilling fluids using a constant rheological profile generally independent of changing deepwater temperature and pressures. The flat rheology makes it easier to manage equivalent circulating densities in the narrow drilling windows with the deepwater.

A key advantage of our drilling fluids for deepwater is their capacity to meet appropriate laws for discharge where permissible. GN designed the first-class equipment, definitely makes you brighten, believe us, click this link to enter a new display platform.






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