Feb 16

GN Solids America LLC offer friendly unit cost on mud cleaner who is watching operation cost closely.  As the manufacture that making full line of solids control machinery and mud cleaning  system.  We provide complete solution of solids control need in various drilling operation and full after-sales service around the world as well.  We are the balance of cost effective and prompt after sale service manufacture.

Mud cleaner  is the combination of hydrocyclone in desander and desilter.  The shale shaker in the bottom for treating mud that exits on both kind of cones of the drilling fluid . This combination have the advantage of space saving and operation cost saving.

GN Shale America

Drilling fluid mud cleaner is a filtering equipment of solid control purification system. Mud cleaner is composed by inlet, outlet pipe and hydrocyclones. Hydrocyclone is made of PVC, upper cone, and under cone. The overflow line, inlet line and outlet line is fixed by the clamp. The bottom inject outlet can be adjusted and changed it according to drilling cutting in drilling fluid. When adjust the bottom flow mouth, only need screw out the adjusting spray result. Screw on the adjusting spray after changed the bottom flow sand removal exit. The both side of desander are equipped the inlet mouth, when choose the side, the other side need to cover off by blanking cover.  The heavy solid phase particles are throw to the cylinder wall by the centrifugal force, which is spiral sinking under the action of the thrust drilling fluid downward spiral and discharged from the bottom flow mouth, the flow to the screen surface.

GN Solids America LLC over 3 size of shale shaker to pair up various hydrocyclone size to meet different treating capacity need on drilling.  The model offered:  GNZJ703E-D1S8N.  GNZJ703E-2S12N. GMZJ703E-3S16N.  GNZJ594E-2S12N.  GNZJ594E-3S16N.  With combination of shale shaker and mud cleaner, it can remove solids in the mud on 20-50 microns.  We offer full lines of shale shaker screens in composite frame that will be acid resist and last longer than steel frame screen  in house to become single supply source of drilling operation.  The after sale service crews are standby for movement’s notice with full range of parts available in Houston Texas.

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Feb 10

GN Solids Control is China & USA leading brand for solids control and waste management. The company have been working for this field over 10 years. High quality product, premium service will make GN walk farer and longer.

1) GN product range

GN Solids Control items:  Shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, centrifuge, mud agitator, mud gun, mud tank, centrifugal pumps, screw pump, shear pump etc.

GN waste management items: Thermal desorption unit, solidification unit, dewatering unit, flocculent unit, waste management centrifuge, slurry pump, oily sludge treatment system, modular waste management equipment, vacuum suction pump etc.

decanter centrifuge

2) Hot product of GN: Decanter centrifuge & shaker screen

GN Various model centrifuges:

9 inch baby centrifuge

14inch middle size centrifuge

18inch big bowl centrifuge

22inch big bowl big volume centrifuge

30inch huge bowl centrifuge for TBM, or other construction application.

GN Various shaker screen types:

GN replacement screen for Derrick FLC503 / FLC48-30, both flat screen/ pyramid screen available.

GN replacement screen for Swaco Mongoose, we recommend composite material shaker screen with longer life and better performance.

GN replacement screen for D380, we recommend composite material shaker screen with longer life and better performance.

GN replacement screen for Cobra/Venom shaker, we recommend composite material shaker screen with longer life and better performance.

3) GN overseas facility:

GN headquarter in suburb of Beijing, China – GN Solids Control

GN Solids Control have the latest technology machine for production. We have clean office building, regulated workshop and warehouse. We welcome client to check GN factory before order, to make sure the choose is wise.

GN have branch company in Houston, USA- GN Solids America.

GN Solids America have been in operation over 3 years. We have office, warehouse, sales people and workers there to support North America market and South America market. We welcome client close the USA coming to check GN product and talk with our sales for any project.

GN Solids Russia is working also to support Russia and neighbor Russia speaking countries.

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Aug 19

As is well known in the oil and gas drillingindustry, GN Solids Control has become a more and more famous brand among the solids control manufacturers. And along with the development of the industry and the higher standard for the discharged waste, this industry is more and more depending on the drilling waste management solutions. In order to have are more efficient solution, every manufacturer is trying to provide some ideas. GN Solids Control is the one who has brought its idea into reality and such solutions are proved to be useful.

Solidification Unit

GN products range covers following fields:

  1. Oil and gas drilling solids control equipment including shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mud guns, pumps and vacuum degasser and etc, and GN is professional for the complete system including the mud tanks.
  2. Mud recycling system for other drillings like HDD, CBM, TBM and water well drilling, for such systems, GN has both the economic configuration option with necessary treating phases an high configuration option with complete treating systems.
  3. Drilling fluids drilling waste management systems, which is used to treat the old mud, to make the old mud from the system to be suitable for further drilling again. Here GN employs some chemicals together with physical separation as dewatering unit and dewatering centrifuge.
  4. Drilling cuttings waste management systems, for water based mud, the high-G dryer and decanter centrifuge, for oil based mud ,the vertical cuttings dryer and the high speed decanter centrifuge.
  5. Final treatment for the high request treating result. In order to fulfill the higher request of treating result before discharge, GN has designed GNGH series solidification unit and TDU for final treatment of drilling cuttings.

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Jul 05

Replacement screen is a big and continue cost for the drilling rig operations. As a China leading manufacturer and a worldwide famous brand for mud solids control, drilling waste management, as well as replacement shaker screen, GN Solids Control knowswell that clients need very good quality replacementscreens with competitive price.GN men keep improving its screen quality and the processing technology in order to offer clients with higher quality screen with better price.

GN Solids Control opened his first new facility in Beijing in year 2012. And this year, GN Solids Control set up his second new facility in Beijing. Once the new facility is ready, GN Solids Control can make composite material replacement screen there, in including but not limited to below:

  • Composite material Replacement screen for the whole line of GN linear motion shale shaker: GNZS752 2-panel shale shaker, shaker, GNZS703 3-panel shale shaker, GNZS594 4-panel shale shaker,GNZS753 double deck shale shaker and GNZS706 double deck shale.
  • Swaco Mongoose composite replacement screen
  • VSM 300 composite replacementscreen
  • NOV Brandt King Cobra Composite Screen(Thickness:26mm without rubber, not big thickness)
  • Fluids System (FSI) Composite replacement screen
  • Furthermore, as GN hot sale products, GN Solids improved the manufacturing technology of the hook type replacement screen for Derrick 500 shaker and for Derrick 2000 shaker.

GN shale shaker screen

And GN Solids Control can customize any mold for frame screens if there is a market for that.

In order to support clients more, GN Solids Control can offer customized packages for the screens. They can make screen with clients color, company name and logo,

For clients with reliable requirement for shaker screen, GN Solids Control welcomethey pay visits to GN Solids Control head quarter in Beijing to have a visit of GN 2 facilities. They will know GN quality and products such as shear pump, mud cleaner , decanter centrifuge, mud mixing  system .etc. well. And they can talked with GN engineering team for a better and customized service to them.

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Jun 13

Days and nights ago, GN Solids Control cooperated with an outdoor workforce and held an activity with suburb Beijing for a at some point journey. GN sales team gone to this journey and the quest was fruitful and substantial.
Marketing department is a very essential department of GN firm, this department is put together by more than twenty childhood who have a same objective and dream. This division includes three teams, the actual domestic sales team, the oversea market sales team and the marketing and advertising team, their duty isn’t only to get orders for the corporation, but also to collect information on the industry, receive feedbacks along with tips from clients and in addition takes some responsibility for that after sale service to the clients. Most of their period is spent on work.
Yet work shouldn’t be the just content of their life, and also work is also fun. GN Solids Control’s products are released to more than 60 nations and regions in the world, as well as for every time zone, there are GN’s clients. GN solids control has department offices and companies with USA and Russia and also GN agents are in a lot of countries. So GN income are working per different timezones and always on business holiday out of the country or from the city. It is not easy to get a re-union for everyone. GN can provide mud mixing system , mud cleaner, shale shaker , decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, mud tank ,shear pump, shaker screens ,etc.
This time, when we acquired this journey, there are still seven members are absent. GN team sent greetings photos to them to share the joy.

With this journey, there are several activities assemble, it is not only test and contend for everyone’s IQ and also EQ, but also, a challenge with regard to everyone’s courage and staff work attitude. All challenges required a good team perform and cooperation. When we are only, we can not finish some of them, even without thinking of it. Nevertheless we work together, we confront the same problem and we provide for the solution, we accomplished all of them.
It’s just like the daily do the job, when we get together and discuss our ideas and experience, it would be easier for us for the most powerful solution and make the full using our resources. Only this way, could our team be more robust and tougher.
Well done, and we’ll do better.

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May 17

If you would like to meet GN solids control at acrylic exhibition in 2016, this is contact sales@gnsolidscontrol. com for the appointment.
For Japan, Middle east and other nations around China, pls stop by at CIPPE 2016 throughout Beijing, China during Mar 29~31th. We will show the is among the most solids control equipments as well as drilling waste management gadgets as below:
Cuttings grasp dryer with telescopic skid
Drilling waste decanter centrifuge with telescopic skid
Gold mining centrifuge
Hi-G dryer shaker
Cuttings solidification unit
Solids control shale shaker
Solids control mud cleaner
Shaker screens
Dewatering unit
We now have a 272m2 booth on E2 hall, because our manufacturer is quite closed to the exhibit center, only 50 minuted drive by car, and we take all of our main tools there to show.

IMG_5263 If you are pretty busy in March, this is visit us at SIPPE 2016 in Shanghai this December.
If China is too not even close to your countries, like the clents from South America, Northern America, Middle east, The african continent, welcome to visit us at OVER-THE-COUNTER 2016 in Houston, ARIZONA at the beginning of May. We have a couple of stands there,
GN Sales space No . 1: Reliant Facility 1652-A
GN Booth Number 2: Reliant Arena 9732
Our professional sales engineer will highlight the unique technology of our straight cuttings dryer and VFD decanter centrifuge, and four -panel shale shaker.
A result of the low oil price in addition to slow oil industry, a number of clients cancelled the global oil show visit program, and will mainly focus on the particular professional oil show of their own country. You can satisfy GN at the specific event below:
(1) In India:
(2) In Iran
(3) In Russia
(4) In Malaysia
(5) In singapore:
(6) In Canada
(7) In Abu Dhabi
If you are convenient to meet you for any of the exhibitions earlier mentioned, pls contact us freely.

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Mar 31

Recycle the drilling mud that lubricate the drilling bits.

The drilling mud solids control system is for filter away danger solids phase that contain in the drilling mud and reuse the needed solid phase.  The task is to keep drilling fluids in stable performance status.  There are several machinery that will need to perform the tasks.

The result of consist performance of drilling mud is avoid the blocking and damage of the oil and gas channel. It reduce the well drilling torque and friction drag and reduce the pressure oscillation of the annular air suction.  It also increase the velocity of the well drilling, extend life of the drill bit, reduce wear of the equipment.

drilling mud system

There are  five steps of filtering process that require five solids control machinery that will do  filter screening, degassing the mud, desanding the mud, desilting the mud, centrifuge force separation and demand of weighting up mud. The consist work flow between every solids control equipment use in the whole system is very important.   Level one to five level of output of the mud should be matched each other and the interval of separation size should be appropriate and have a certain overlap.  The result of the smaller solids which are not filter by the upper can be filter in the next controlled level.

With the development of well drilling technology, mud mixing system plays an important role in drilling operation. The various kinds of solids control systems function at the same time. Regardless the different kind of the solids control system, it’s basic function will not changed. It is depend on organic combination of mechanical removal equipments, drilling fluid mud tanks and other auxiliary equipments to accomplish the basic function:  Recycle the drilling mud that lubricate the drilling bits

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Mar 15

GN decanter centrifuge with high quality can compete with US brand centrifuges and price is beating US price. And GNLW363 14INCH bowl decanter centrifuge are working in worldwide site to contribute to the worldwide companies. GN Solids Control is young company in this field but very strong in centrifuge production and improvement. We learn from the jobsite feedback, learn from the International Top quality centrifuge brand, we do research, we do experiment and we improve fast.  For now, we have annual sales of over 200sets decanter centrifuge to local market and overseas market.  For last year in 2015, we exported over 30 sets centrifuge to Algeria in only one project. The client is very happy with GN decanter centrifuge and this also can be bridge to build more trust between China product and overseas market.

GN 14inch decanter centrifuge for oil drilling project

GN 14in decanter centrifuge is the most popular centrifuge which can be used for solids control and drilling waste management. The centrifuge speed can be adjusted from lower speed, to middle speed to higher speed.

decanter centrifuge-2

GNLW363CG is fixed speed centrifuge, with different speed belt pulley, the client can get 2200rpm /2700rpm/3200rpm

GNLW363CG-VFD is variable speed centrifuge, with PLC VFD control panel, the client can get each speed from 0 to 3200RPM by touch screen, much easier operation.

GN 18inch decanter centrifuge for solids control

GNLW452C decanter centrifuge with 1800RPM bowl speed, can be used for barite recovery and the performance is verified by lots of solids control service companies in different site in different countries. The function is unique, and price is much lower than multi-function centrifuges.

GNLW453-VFD centrifuge is also 18inch bowl size centrifuge; the speed can be adjusted from 0 to 2800RPM. The client may choose this model centrifuge as per the bidders’ request.

GN 22inch decanter centrifuge for fast drilling

GNLW553-VFD centrifuge is 22inch bowl size centrifuge. This is big bowl big volume centrifuge can be used for fast drilling. But not many clients choose this model centrifuge.

Any question about GN equipment such as shale shaker, mud agitator, Mud Gas Separator, Vacuum Degasser, desander, desilter,mud cleaner, welcome to contract us .

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Feb 23

Solids control machinery manufacture GN Solids America LLC currently have sales and warehouse in Houston, Texas USA to provide the demand of reasonable priced machinery and fully staffed service personals and replacement parts.  We often keep decanter centrifuge, shale shaker and mud cleaner in stock at Houston to serve the demand in movement’s notice. For demand of compact size and with full scale of treating capacity of desanders and desilters, GN Solids America LLC proudly offer the combo machinery called mud cleaner.

Mud Cleaner manufacture by GN Solids America LLC is put it together in following parts:



Adjustable angle mechanism

Explosion-proof vibration motor

Explosion-proof control panel

Desander cones

Desilter cones

As we mentioned before, mud cleaner exist due to demand of compact structure and cost-effective for company that demand it. It is swirling in sand, cyclone in addition to a combination of mud and vibration sieve, the mud cleaner integrated performance of the above three kinds of equipment, with large processing capacity, processing speed, the screen long service life, convenient maintenance, compact structure, large processing capacity, processing speed, the screen long service life, convenient maintenance, less functional loss, the advantages of small space occupation.

mud cleaner.

The filtering screens that used depend on condition of the mud, the various mesh measure by API stand offer from API 20 to API 325 and above if needed to be.  The surface of screen made the drilling mud distributed evenly for filtering the solids cutting.

The chassis and the main box is angle adjustable by turning mechanism, which is linked on both side and it can operation by simple cranking the mechanism.

The mud cleaner will be purposely removing the drill cutting through desander and desilter. The box that contains shaker screens as one whole unit that offers convenience of oil drilling operation.

If you need mud handling equipments and dirlling mud system ,pls contact with GN solids control in Beijing, China or GN solids America in Houston, USA, we have the main mud handling equipments including: Shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, chemical mixing unit, jet shearing unit, mud agitator, bottom mud gun, transfer pump, decanter centrifuge, vertical G cuttings dryer in stock for immediate shipment.


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Jan 29

As we talked before, together with the Shale Shaker, Desilter, Desander, Decanter Centrifuge is also one of the most widely used solids control equipment for treating the drilling fluid and other kinds of slurries.

In this article, we will mainly introduce the structure and working principle of decanter centrifuge. The other knowledge about the centrifuge like its types, functions, symbols, configurations will be introduced one by one in the next updates.
1. Structure:
By referring to the above picture, we could see the centrifuge is mainly composed by the following parts:
Inlet Pipe, Bearing Blocks, Drum, Helical Pusher, Collection Box (encloser), Gear Differential, Power Equipment (usually the motors are used).

Decanter Centrifuge

2. Working Principle:
• Both of the Drum and Helical Pusher rotate at a high speedwhen the decanter is working, normally their speeds are all above 3000RPM. And there is a differential speed between the Drum and Helical Pusher, usually the Helical Pusher is 40r slower than the Drum per minutes;
• The pump circulates the fluid from the mud tank to go into the helical pusher;
• The fluid is speeded up in the helical pusher and next goes into the drum;
• Affected by the centrifugal force, the weightier solid particles is centrifugally throw towards the inside drum wall and form a solid-phase ring, and the lighter liquid form an inner liquid-phase ring;
• As there is a differential speed, the helical pusher pushes the solid-phase ring to the conic section of drum and finally the solid particles are discharged from the decanter; the liquid-phase is overflowed from the other end of the decanter;
• The fluid goes into the decanter and the decanter works continuously and the solids particles will be separated out and cleaner fluid will be gotten;

In the next articles, we will introduce the other knowledge about the GN’s Decanter Centrifuge.

Finally, if you want to know more about GN Solids Control, welcome to visit GN’s website and contact us.

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