Sep 08

In recent years, the as the demand for environment protection is becoming more and more important, in some countries, there were even conflicts between the local residents and the oil companies or drilling companies. Companies would like to pay money on the disposal of the drilling cuttings, or, they have to face penalty even larger than the cost paid on the drilling waste management solutions.

The drilling waste management solutions for the oil and gas drilling could be divided into 2 groups: the treatment for the drilling cuttings and the treatment for the drilling fluids, the old mud.


The solution suppliers are bringing out several solutions for each group of drilling waste management, for example, in order to treat the old mud, there are several different ways, and among those, the decanter centrifuge and filter press are most prominent 2.

What they have in common?

Both of decanter centrifuge and the filter press need some chemicals to do the job, to separate out the extra fine particles from the drilling fluid.

What are the differences?

The decanter centrifuge uses the high G force generated by high speed rotating of the bowl to separate the solids from the liquid, while the filter press’ working principal is to squeeze the liquid from the solids through some filter with small holes and make the solids phase into a cake.

How are their performances?

Per their treating result, both solutions could treat out 90% solids from the liquid, especially the decanter centrifuge, the percentage is up to 95%. But when take the total cost into consideration the decanter centrifuge clearly wins out because: 1. The centrifuge uses less water than filter press. 2. Less electricity consumption. 3. Less manpower requested. That’s why 8 of ten end users are using decanter centrifuge.


For more equipment such as shale shaker, mud gas separator, shear pump, mud mixing system etc. and solution advise, welcome to contact GN Solids Control freely.

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Sep 06

Dewatering technology is greatly use for chemical separation of the solids phase form the liquid. By using some chemicals, the fine particles of solids flocculate into larger ones and to be separated out from the liquid phase. Take the oil and gas drilling mud industry as example, there are 2 main methods to be used, the dewatering centrifuge and the filter press. Seen from their outlook and working principle, they are quite different, but which to choose and why to choose is not only based on the first look, we need a detailed calculation.

  1. Purchasing cost. The cost for buying each of them is no much different, and also comparing with future consumption, this cost seems less important.
  2. The chemicals consumed: because of the high speed and high G force of the decanter centrifuge, no much chemical is needed. But in case of filter press, more chemicals in need for fulfil the work.
  3. Water usage amount: the decanter centrifuge need to be flushed only after continuous operating and the water consumption for each time is 3-4 cbm per day, but the filter press need to be flushed all over after usage, need around 150 cbm per day. In some water scarce place, this factor has to be taken into consideration.
  4. Human force needed: it is not a heavy work to operate or observe the operation of the decanter centrifuge, so one person for one centrifuge is enough. In case when several centrifuges are at same place, even one operator can work for them all. But in case of filter press, one filter press need at least 2 persons to run it.
  5. Spare parts: the spare parts for decanter centrifuge is less than the filter press.

GN centrifuges

GN Solids Control is professional in decanter centrifuges, GN has decanter centrifuges from 9 inch bowl diameter to 22 inch bowl diameter and now GN decanter centrifuges are not only used for oil and gas industry but also for other industries. For more information, welcome to contact GN freely. GN solids control produced mud handling equipments and mud tanks are mainly used for cleaning and recycling the used driling fluids from the well bore. The mud handling equipments range including: Shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, chemical mixing unit, Mud Gas Separator, mud agitator, bottom mud gun, shear pump, decanter centrifuge, vertical G cuttings dryer.

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Jul 10

Vacuum degasser and Mud gas separator are various equipments utilised both for oil & gas drilling rigs, also mining drilling and geothermal, CBM. Sometimes people may mistake them because each of them are ?°gas separator?±.
Vacuum degasser is made use of in the solids control system, which is installed after shale shaker but before mud cleaner/desander/desilter. It is made use of to separate the gas from the gas-cut mud, and keep the balance of the mud weight, and protect the impeller of feeding pump/centrifugal pump of the desander and desilter.
Mud gas separator is to remove the large pockets of gas ,usually they are hazardous gas, if it is not removed, ?°kick?± may happen. It is installed near the well bore and before solids control system, and you need flare ignitors to work together with mud gas separator so the hazardous gas can be burned in the safety area. Mud gas separator is essential components to control the wellbore pressure.
From the above, vacuum degasser and mud gas separator have distinct functions, also they have diverse structure, size, working principal. Compared with world famous brand vacuum degasser, GN brand vacuum degasser has the advantages below:
1 no need of feed pump ( degasser need extra centrifugal pump for feeding)
2 Equip with ultrasonic controller to prevent vacuum or liquid to an undesired high level
Last week GN solids America shipped 4 units of mud gas separator to North America market, for more details, Click this link as below :



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Sep 26

Mud Gas Separator also called poor boy degasser and it is common on most drilling rigs throughout the world. The mud gas separator is used to separate wellbore gas from the drilling mud. Mud gas Separator plays a important role in ensuring the safety of drilling process.
The working principle of mud gas separator is the drilling mud from the wellbore is fed at the inlet allowing it to impinge on a series of baffles designed to separate gas and mud. The free gas then is moved into the flare line to reduce the threat of toxic and hazardous gases and the mud then discharges to the shale shaker and to the tank.

GN Solids Control is an professional mud gas separator manufacturer in China. The GN mud gas separator is manufactured according to API and ISO standard. The GN mud gas separator provides effective surface control,venting gas at a safe distance from the rig and returning fluid to the system in a controlled flow.

Specification of GN Mud Gas Separator

Mud Gas Separator

Mud Gas Separator

(1)Model: GNZYQ1000G
(2)Vessel Diameter: 1000mm
(3)Wall Thickness : 10mm
(4)Capacity: 240-320 m3/h
(5)Inlet Pipe: 4”
(6)Output Pipe: 10”
(7)Gas Discharge Pipe: 8”
(8)Weight: 2000Kg
(9)Dimension: 2000X2000X5860mm

GN has lots of experience of designing and manufacturing mud gas separator, for more information of GN mud gas separator, Please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.


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Dec 06

Liquid gas separator is the professional equipment to process the gas cut drilling mud . The proportion and viscosity of the gas cut mud will emerge large deviation , it can not meet the requirement of drilling . More seriously, it will result in kick, even blowout accident occurred . Liquid gas separator combined with ignition device can be used to process the gas-cut drilling mud effectively and timely . GN liquid gas separator is divided into manual-control and auto-control.

Liquid Gas Separator sizing design should know liquid gas separator technology and recommends separator configuration, components, design considerations, and a sizing procedure. A simple method of evaluating liquid gas separation within the separator vessel has been developed as a basis for the sizing procedure. A liquid gas separator sizing worksheet will assist drilling personnel with the sizing calculations. The worksheet provides a quick and easy evaluation of most liquid gas separators for a specific well application. A brief discussion of other liquid gas separator considerations is provided, including separator components, testing, materials, and oil-based-mud considerations.

GN Solids Control is few manufacturer only focus on international and top clients in China . Liquid gas separator is important part in oil drilling, surely will be one of our competitive equipments in mud circulation system .

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