Nov 11

Concept: The drilling mud cleaning cycle is to remove the harmful solid debris, reserve the clean drilling mud to meet the demand of drilling mud spec under the drilling process. Drilling waste management system is a general term of all drilling fluid solids control equipments used in the drilling process.


Function: To prevent the oil-gas well from clogging, breaking, and decrease the drilling torque and friction resistance, reduce the pressure fluctuations of the hollow suction, increase the drilling speed, extend the drilling head life, and reduce wear and tear of the equipments. Methods: The common methods are mixture-thin methods, swap methods, machine methods and additive-chemical methods. Machine method is by using screening, centrifugal separation and gravity separation to separate the solid phase according to the different size and density, therefore, to control the solid phase in the drilling mud.


1 The technical process of the mud cleaning system and the combination of the mud cleaning equipment.

The technical process of complete group of mud cleaning system should meet the specification of five level solid phase control (shale shaker screening, degassing, desanding, desilting, centrifuge) and the provoke of mud. The merger of each solid control equipment is very important, the through out  of one to five level of mud cleaning equipment should each corresponding, and the spacing of the proper distance were is appropriate.  To have certain overlap during the cleaning process, make the smaller particles of the processing incomplete in the up one had been disposed in the next solid control equipment.


2 Drilling mud cleaning cycle

The mud back from the opening of well through the pipeline and conveyed the drilling mud to the  shale shaker. The first phase of cleaning completed by shale shaker, then entered the mud tank, the mud flowed from the mud tank through the tank slot into the desander and desilter (if detect the exits of gas , vacuum degasser will process the gas) the mud after processing of the centrifugal steps and through the tank slot enters the inhalation cabin.  The cleaned mud then will reuse for lubricate and cooling the drill bit.

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Aug 19

LiaoHe Oilfield, a CNPC organization, which can be the greatest production base for thickened oil and higher pour point oil in China has already procured 5 unit complete mud cleaning system from GN. The newest ZJ50 rig mud cleaning program has been presently operating nicely about the jobsite soon straight away just after our technicist creating the commissioning.


The crucial equipments list for this 6-Tank approach beneath:

1. three units Shale Shaker each and every capacity of 140m3/hr

two. 1 unit Vaccum Degasser GNCQ360 wich eliminate the reduce in gas from the drilling mud to boost the efficiency of transfer pump.

three. Desander and Desilter just about every single for 1

4. 1 unit Higher Speed Decanter Centrifuge GNLW363

5. Agitators to stop the drilling mud sedimentation

6. Centrifugal Pump for transfer mud internal tank and charge to mud pump.

7. This ZJ50 rig mud cleaning system also equiped with poor boy degasser to stop blowout.

Concentrate on higher level domestic marketplace spot place and International marketplace location, GN generally adheres great 1st, Credit priority. By preserving this principle, GN established lengthy term organization relation with principal oilfield in China and at the moment exported to virtually 60 nations. Collectively using the GN new facility beginning production, welcome clientele household and abroad come for going to and company negotiation.

visit here to get more information about mud cleaning system.

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Jul 22

GN Solids America, as an expert manufacturer for drilling mud recycling method, could each style and fabricate the huge footprint mud program for deep oil gas drilling and very compact structure Mud cleaner for horizontal directional drilling and Piling bored drilling.
In the model line of compact mud technique, GN includes a model of capacity 150 GPM with 1 unit double deck mud cleaner, feed pump program and mud mixing program. The double deck mini mud cleaner has two layers shaker screen, the down layer screen is made use of as the main shaker to get rid of the significant size solid. The liquid going via the screen will likely be transferred by a centrifugal feed pump to the desilter cyclone for the second stage solids handle. The solids discharge out in the hydrocyclone nozzle will be dry once more by the upper layer screen of the mini mud cleaner for a lot more recovery from the mud. This mini mud cleaner has total 3 panels screen, 2 down side and 1 for dryer screen. The under shaker is GN smallest model of GNZS752, 3 unit GN four inch desilter cyclone meet the required capacity of 150 GPM.
To be able to ensure the compact structure, this kind mini mud cleaner is supplied with no base seat. Made use of within the mud tank technique, this double dech mini mud cleaner is welded on the tank. You will discover 4 supports is utilized for welding connection.
Apart from this variety double deck mini mud cleaner, GN Solids America could also provide the huge treating capacity double deck shale shaker for much dryer request and limited region working circumstances.


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Jun 19

Desilter could be the third step within the complete drilling fluids purification flow line, which may be inside a position to have rid of particles involving 20-40μm within the drilling mud, creating the fluid purer and ready for the next stage gear and decreasing its workload.


Desilter is made up of polyurethane hydroclones and fine mesh vibrating screen. It largely made use of to clean out damaging solids whose diameter are amongst 15-44μm inside the drilling fluids. It can be shown that the equipment has cost-effective style, trustworthy operate and well desilting effect, and is definitely the finest drilling fluids solids handle equipment.

Also, Mud Desilter, desander and screen might be combined to turn out to be a mud cleaner. A mud is fed for the inlet in the hydrocyclone ( desander and/or desilter ) to separate particles along with the underflow passes for the fine screen mesh exactly where particles larger than barite are discarded and thrown away. In most drilling operations, a Mud Desilter is installed in its mud systems. It is actually normally positioned within a mud tank in the comparable place as making use of the desilters.

GN Solids America is famous at desilter and shaker screen field,they are located at HeBei Langfang,China.more infomation as below:

HQ Address: No.3 Industry Road,Dachang Chaobai River Development Area,Langfang,China 065300·

6710 Windfern Road,Houston,TX 77040,USA

Location: 40KM to Beijing International Airport

Tel: +86-316-5276989     +86-316-5276989  / 5276988 / 5276990

7 Days : +86-186-32518256 (China· Time)

+1-713-8780880     +1-713-8780880 (USA Time)

Fax: +86-316-5276997 / 5276990


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