Jun 21

“GE, an industrial company, but also a digital company”. Some people may have watched this commercial on American’s main media, like CNN or NBC and we may wonder what does that mean? The answer is it represents the future trend-digital and automation.

As we all know, GE is the conglomerate in many industries, such as energy, electric appliances, aerospace and so on. So its action and strategy will represent the future of the industry. Recently GE just opened its new main office nearly San Jose and recruited a lot of engineers from Google, Apple, Microsoft with background of electrical engineer to develop its own system  called “Predix”, which is the world’s first and only cloud-based operating system for industry. GE plans to make “Preix” as the industry standard similar to the position of Microsoft Windows system in the PC industry. It will realize the digitalization and automation of the industry, including the oil and gas industry. One example for this trend is on June 14,2016, GE and Technip signed memorandum of understanding to explore digital solutions for new LNG projects. LNG will have great potential for growth as the world’s demand rises. So this prosperous area will be co-developed by the combination of strength of GE and Technip. GE will provide it reliable equipment solutions for the global LNG facilities, through sensors, advanced analytics and diagnostic expertise. Technip will provide unique expertise in EPC for LNG projects.


The future of the oil and gas industry will be more efficient and powerful, which will be realized by digital and automation and will optimize the equipment and operation to improve the productivity and cost-efficiencies.

As the crucial part of the mud cleaning system of the oil and gas industry, solid control system will also inevitably follow the trend of automation and digital, including its shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, cuttings dryer  and some other equipment and parts. GN solids control can manufacture the most advanced solid control equipment in the industry, such as the VFD controlled equipment which can realize the automation and digital. Welcome to log in to our website www.gnsolidsamerica.comto check more about the product info and send your inquiries to usa@gnsolidscontrol.com.


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Dec 14

Decanter centrifuges have been working as really essential equipment for separating ever since it came out yrs ago, it is widely used in many industrial sectors, including the food industry, substance industry, pharmacy industry in addition to oil and gas industries.
Divided from the types, the decanter centrifuges could be defined as horizontal decanter centrifuge and vertical decanter centrifuges. The working principles work the same way that by using the different centrifugal forces laid on the distinct size materials, a certain sort of particles are separated out there. In oil and gas industry, side to side decanter centrifuges are commonly utilized while they use Vertical Cuttings Dryers in front of the horizontal decanter centrifuges. GNLW series decanter centrifuges covers all needed sizes and applications useful for oil and gas drilling, such programs including following:
1 . GNLW452, 18 inch diameter involving bowl, big bowl centrifuge, middle speed. suitable for solids control application in gas and oil drilling, especially for barite recuperation. Barite is heavy and also expensive drilling material from the drilling liquid and could be fitted for re-use if it is very well recovered. This model of GNLW Centrifuge is normally fixed velocity as standard configuration, however it still has 3 optional rates by changing the pulleys and belts

2015.12.11 GN centrifuge
2 . GNLW363, 14 inch diameter connected with bowl, most popular size throughout oil and gas drilling, high speed as much as 3900RPM, it provides the most programs among all GNLW centrifuge versions, in case of fixed speed GNLW363, GN designed 3 various speeds based on the experiences inside previous projects, and user could choose via employing different pulley and devices. In case of VFD controlled, GN also have 2 optional VFD control panel for selection, the speed could be set coming from 0 rpm to 3200 rpm.
3. GNLW453-VFD decanter centrifuge, 18 inch jar diameter big bowl centrifuge, with larger length size ratio as above mentioned GNLW452, higher speed and for extra excellent particles comparing with GNLW452, but with larger treating ability than GNLW363.
4. Major big bowl centrifuge GNLW553C-VFD with 22 inch pan diameter, which is no doubt a major guy in centrifuge family members, and GNLW223 decanter centrifuge with only 9 half inch bowl and a very high velocity, which is a baby member throughout GNLW centrifuge family.

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Nov 16

One unit of big bowl big treating capacity decanter centrifuge GNLW553-VFD is ready for shipment to Australia. GN solids control started to sell in Australia market since 2010. Until now we have already sold over 20 units of mud recycling/ cleaning system to Australia & New Zealand. Also we sold several units of drilling waste management system including decanter centrifuge and High G drying shaker.

GNLW553C-VFD is the 3rd generation big bowl big volume decanter centrifuge, it has been improved for user-friendly and better performance. It has been applied to different applications, like Tunneling solids/water separation, dredging slurry separation, solids control system, drilling cuttings treatment, oil/sludge separation, etc.

The max treating capacity of the centrifuge for clear water is 484gpm, with oil & gas drilling fluids the treating capacity is 400gpm, with dewatering unit the treating capacity various from 130~176GPM, it depends on the polymer used.

2015.11.05 Big Bowl Big Volume decanter centrifuge shipping to Australia

Materials: The main bowl material is duplex stainless steel 2205 by centrifugal casting, the other bowl components like big end, small end, collection box, screw is made of stainless steel AISI 316. The protection on the screw propeller is tungsten carbide tiles, the steel frame, skid are made of carbon steel, the feeding tube is made of stainless steel.

The bowl diameter is 22inch, this is the biggest model we have now, we also have middle diameter model 18inch, GNLW453 series. Except for big bowl big volume decanter centrifuge, GN solids control also supply 9inch mini bowl small treating capacity with high speed decanter centrifuge for mining diamond core drilling, with compact design, the mini centrifuge is an ideal equipments used for fine solids separation. A bigger model centrifuge GNLW363 series 14inch bowl diameter centrifuge are mainly used for oil & gas drilling solids control system and drilling waste management system.Welcome to inquiry GN solids control.



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May 10

High standard materials, advanced technology and many years of experience in the design of cutting dryers have been incorporated in the fabrication of GN centrifuge. GN cutting dryer is designed for a long time lifespan. We sincerely believe dryer’s performance and durability will confirm your judgment in selecting this GN centrifuge. GN field service engineers are available to assist you with any operating problem you might have. It is the mission of GN to have a service team present at each new machine working site.

Screen Cleaning System

cutting dryer 1

Cutting Dryer

Flights, air knife and flushing system are critical for keeping cutting dryer maximum performance and prevent the screen from mud plugging. Especially, we install the air knife and flushing system that effectively keep cutting dryer long time running and process abrasive and rigid mud. Not only the material of flights is made of chrome alloy, but the precision angle of flights has been tested for many times in order to keep the screen clean condition.

Hundreds time test and selecting the top material assure GN cutting dryer capability and durability. Once again, we sincerely believe dryer’s pe

rformance and durability will confirm your judgment in selecting this GN centrifuge. Also, we provide the high quality shale shaker, mud cleaner , centrifuge and all kinds of pump etc

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Feb 28

 Along with high-standard environmental requirements, GN Solids control need a Varity of solutions so as to take solid/fluid separation technology up a new stage .GN vertical cutting dryer is a typical  advanced solids control equipment which recycles large proportion SBM ( Synthetic Base Mud ) and OBM ( Oil Base Mud ). Effectively separates and recovers larger-proportion drilling fluids that can be reused in the drilling solids recycle system and recovers the drilling fluids lost

3R of Achievement

Reduce the amount of SBM and OBM to meet environmental objectives


Vertical Cutting Dryer on the site

Recover valuable base fluids for reuse

Reduce fluids content prior to other treatment in order to increase process capacity


1.The GN vertical cutting dryer normally can reach the performance of the oil on the cutting(OOC) to be 3%~5%

 2. High G Force up to 420G

3. Big Volume for 30~50 tons/H

4. Stainless Steel Screen with opening 250/350/500 microns for option.

5.  Adjustable and replaceable Flights easy for maintenance

6. Individual Oil Lubrication system ensures reliable operaion

7. All major rotation parts is balanced individually

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Feb 25

 Vertical cutting dryeris sometimes referred to as secondary drying of cuttings.

vertical cutting dryer

vertical cutting dryer

Drilled cuttings with associated fluid from the rig solids-control equipment have been passed over a second drying shaker(usually High G shaker) for a number of years. The recovery of oil-based drilling fluid coupled with a 10-25% reduction in disposal volume is usually easily justified and has become standard procedure in areas where so-called pitless drilling or closed loop systems are the norm.

Generally, the secondary drying shaker is a four-panel screening (GNZS634 HI-G shale shaker) device running at 7.0-7.5g’s at the screen surface. Drilled cuttings from a drying shaker typically test between 8 and 12% base oil (NAF) by wet weight. This retention-on cuttings (ROC) figure is significantly higher than the current minimum allowed for offshore discharge in the United States and, increasingly, elsewhere around the world.

Accordingly, there has been increased interest in lowering the ROC figure by the use of different types of drying equipment.

GNCD930 Vertical Cutting Dryer is the latest design from World top solids control manufacturer – GN Solids Control. GN Solids Control is the first Chinese manufacturer for vertical cutting dryer. And also, GN Solids Control is the among the few companies who can complete drilling fluids solution with drilling waste management system.

As the first API certificated solids Control manufacturer, GN Solids Control will take a complete 500GPM hydraulic jack up mud system complete with drilling waste management for the world largest oil show– CIPPE in Beijing.

The latest design vertical cutting dryer will be took on the show. You can come and check GN equipments on GN booth.

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Jul 02

Vertical cutting dryer is designed to reduce and recover base fluid from a variety of feed slurries.


Cuttings from shale shakers are conveyed to the Vertical cuttings dryer through a variety of site-engineered conveyance systems that include:

• Gravity feed

GN Vertical Cutting dryer

GN Vertical Cutting dryer

• Vacuum transfer

– Directly from the shakers

– From hoppers

– From the vacuum

– Processing tank

• Screw conveyor

• Pumps

Liquid-solid separation starts instantaneously upon contact with the profile Wire Screen Surface.

The Flights, which can be adjusted for optimum clearance, also reduce plugging and improve separation .


1) Solids from the rig solids control equipment① are routed to the Vortex Dryer via conveyor, vacuum transfer system, or other means②.

2) Solids enter the Vortex Dryer③ through the top feed inlet and are separated inside the Dryer.

3) The clean solids exit the bottom of the Dryer and are discarded overboard④ or collected in Cuttings Boxes⑤ for offsite transport and disposal.

4) The recovered liquid is routed to a Liquid Collection Tank⑥ and it is then processed through a decanting centrifuge⑦ for final clarification, storage, and reuse⑧ .

Leading brand vertical cutting dryer manufacturer:

1) Brandt

2) Mi-swaco

3) GN Solids Control

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