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For the drilling cuttings discharged from solid control equipment, like shale shaker, mud cleaner, low speed centrifuge, this cuttings could not be throw away without treatment as per environmental regulations. Here under, we describe the general treatment of the drilling cuttings. and we call this process as drilling waste management.

drilling waste management process_

Step 1: use a screw conveyor to collect the drilling cuttings

We need to collect the drilling cuttings and convey it to other equipment for next treatment. Generally, screw conveyor is used for collection and transportation. There should be a screw conveyor paralleled with the discharge direction of shale shaker, mud cleaner and centrifuge(if there is). And then another screw conveyor collect the cuttings from the first auger and transport to Hi-G shaker or vertical cuttings dryer. The second auger may inclined for the actual requirement.

screw auger

Step 2: Hi-G dryer or Vertical cuttings dryer

If it is water based mud, we use Hi-G dryer; if it is oil based mud, we use vertical cutting dryer.

For water based mud: the drilling cuttings discharge on the Hi-G dryer. The solid part is discharged into cutting box (a big box for collection, we call it cutting box). The fine solid and liquid part go down into the tank.(here we call it 2#tank)

For oil based mud, the treating process is the same.

vertical cuttings dryer_shale shaker

Step 3: High speed decanter centrifuge as the last step

Use a submersible slurry pump to suck the fluid in 2#tank into decanter centrifuge. After this step, the fluid can be separated to cuttings discharge into cutting box and cleaner liquid part go down to the 3# tank. The liquid part can be added to flocculation and do de-watering process. The cuttings in cutting box can be used for construction or road spreading etc.

decanter centrifuge


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