Dec 22

Trailer mounted mud cleaning systems, mud mixing unit/recycling unit are of great demand for horizontal directional drilling rig, water well drilling rig and also oil gas drilling rig. Depending on customer requirements GN mud systems can be trailer mounted or skid mounted. The trailerized mud tank systems are easily transported and fast moved.


trailer mounted mud cleaning system

This unit consists of a skid mounted mud tank with equipment to mix and clean drilling mud, process drilling fluids up to 200 GPM. Tank system configuration details shown as below:
*1 Mud Tank: 5500×2000×1100mm (L×W×H) Net Capacity: 7.7 m3 (48 bbl)
*1 GNZS752 Shale shaker with a screen area of 1.4 square meter.
*1 GNZJ752-4N Mini Mud Desilter with GNZS752 Bottom Shaker and 4 desilter hydrocyclones.
*2 GNSB4×3-11J (11Kw) Centrifugal Pumps
*1 SLH100-25 Mixing Hopper
*1 NJQ50-3 Mud Gun
Driven by customer need, GN Solids Control has manufactured a variety of equipment configurations ranging from simple skid mounted mud cycling to trailerized mud mixing/ recycling systems and containerized system. If you have any demand on mud tank system, GN will work best for your requirement. Why not contact?


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