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The GNZS594 Shale Shaker is a GN new developed Linear motion Shaker. Featuring high performance vibrator motors capable of achieving between 2 to 7.5 G’s of force. The angles of the GNZS594 shaker deck are easily adjusted while drilling.The deck angle can be raise or lower from -1° to +5°.The angle of the screen deck can be adjusted to achieve the proper solids conveyance and fluid end point.GNZS594 Shale Shaker provide high-quality, improved drilling fluid recovery, longer screen life and reduced operating costs. It can be configured for use as a main shaker,high performance mud cleaner,or as a secondary drilled cuttings dryer.The GNZS594 shaker allow the user to configure the shaker and its interchangeable components to fit specific needs for application,Size, and capacity.

The GNZS594 Shaker can be used as :

Shale Shaker

Shale Shaker

1) As a Main Shaker

2) As a Mud Cleaner to dry the underflow from desanders and desilters

3)As a Cuttings Dryer to recoever drilling mud from drilled cuttings

Specification :
1) treating Capacity:615GPM(140m3/h)
2) Deck No: Single Deck
3) Vibrating Mode: Linear Motion
4) Motor Power: 2×1.72 Kw Explosion-Proof
5) Vibrating Force: ≤7.5G(Adjustable)
6) Double Amplitude: 6.0~7.2mm
7) Deck Angle Adjustment: -1°~5°
8) Weir Height: Buffer box back type: 895mm
9) Decibels: ≤85db
10) Dimesnion(L×W×H): 2937x2012x1413mm
11) Weight: 1800Kg

For more information about GNZS594 Shale Shaker, Please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.


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