Jul 10

Vacuum degasser and Mud gas separator are various equipments utilised both for oil & gas drilling rigs, also mining drilling and geothermal, CBM. Sometimes people may mistake them because each of them are ?°gas separator?±.
Vacuum degasser is made use of in the solids control system, which is installed after shale shaker but before mud cleaner/desander/desilter. It is made use of to separate the gas from the gas-cut mud, and keep the balance of the mud weight, and protect the impeller of feeding pump/centrifugal pump of the desander and desilter.
Mud gas separator is to remove the large pockets of gas ,usually they are hazardous gas, if it is not removed, ?°kick?± may happen. It is installed near the well bore and before solids control system, and you need flare ignitors to work together with mud gas separator so the hazardous gas can be burned in the safety area. Mud gas separator is essential components to control the wellbore pressure.
From the above, vacuum degasser and mud gas separator have distinct functions, also they have diverse structure, size, working principal. Compared with world famous brand vacuum degasser, GN brand vacuum degasser has the advantages below:
1 no need of feed pump ( degasser need extra centrifugal pump for feeding)
2 Equip with ultrasonic controller to prevent vacuum or liquid to an undesired high level
Last week GN solids America shipped 4 units of mud gas separator to North America market, for more details, Click this link as below :





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