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Vertical cutting dryer is designed to reduce and recover base fluid from a variety of feed slurries.


Cuttings from shale shakers are conveyed to the Vertical cuttings dryer through a variety of site-engineered conveyance systems that include:

• Gravity feed

GN Vertical Cutting dryer

GN Vertical Cutting dryer

• Vacuum transfer

– Directly from the shakers

– From hoppers

– From the vacuum

– Processing tank

• Screw conveyor

• Pumps

Liquid-solid separation starts instantaneously upon contact with the profile Wire Screen Surface.

The Flights, which can be adjusted for optimum clearance, also reduce plugging and improve separation .


1) Solids from the rig solids control equipment① are routed to the Vortex Dryer via conveyor, vacuum transfer system, or other means②.

2) Solids enter the Vortex Dryer③ through the top feed inlet and are separated inside the Dryer.

3) The clean solids exit the bottom of the Dryer and are discarded overboard④ or collected in Cuttings Boxes⑤ for offsite transport and disposal.

4) The recovered liquid is routed to a Liquid Collection Tank⑥ and it is then processed through a decanting centrifuge⑦ for final clarification, storage, and reuse⑧ .

Leading brand vertical cutting dryer manufacturer:

1) Brandt

2) Mi-swaco

3) GN Solids Control


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  1. 1. Sergey Ishchenko Says:

    Dear Sirs,
    we are looking urgently for a vertical cutting dryer.

    Could you please forward to us following information:
    1. Price (we need a lowest capacity, our actuall requirment is about 10/15 TPH). We need ex-works price, without VAT (the centrifuge will be exported to Russia).
    2. Terms.

  2. 2. Muntadher Hussein Says:

    Could you please provide me more details about the equipements that used for minimise and treatment of cutting waste that result from drilling of oil wells .
    Many thanks

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