Jan 26

The negative affect from the oil crash has spread to many industries related including the HDD projects. But as the leading and well known HDD mud system manufacturer, GN Solids Control still have orders and repeated orders from the old clients.
By end of last year, GN Solids Control has just delivered a high configuration of mud systems for a HDD project. Now the end user is laying a repeated order for the same mud system, and it is scheduled to be ready early after Chinese New Year.
Not only for the oversea market, but in domestic China, 500GPM mud recycling system is still the most popular option for HDD projects. CPP, the largest HDD contract in China, purchase around 10 sets of mud recycling systems from GN Solids Control each year, and most of those are of 500GPM capacity.

500GPM Mud System

Main Equipments for Standard Configuration GNMS 500 Mud System:
Shale shaker: GNZS703E-DZ, 1 set
Mud Cleaner: GNZJ703E-D1S8N, 1 set
Mud Cleaner Feeding Pump: GNSB6*5A-37KW, 2 sets, used respectively for desander cones and desilter cones
Mixing Hopper: GNSLS35A, 1 set
Mixing Pump: GNSB6*5A-37KW, 1 set, same specification as mud cleaner feeding pump.
Mud Agitator: GNJBQ 075D, single layer impeller with 7.5KW motor, 1 set
Mud Gun: GNNJQ50A, 2 inch mud gun, 1 set

Besides this standard configuration of mud recycling system, GN also has GNMS-500GL mud recycling system, the main equipment for treating are exactly same, but the storage capacity of GNMS-500GL is larger.
And for HDD mud recycling systems, GN has other treating capacity solutions for option, like 200GPM and 1000 GPM.
In case of piling or so called TBM projects, there are simpler solutions for option. Because for piling projects, the drilling media is mostly water, there is no need to add more chemicals into it, and the treating result is not so strict.
If you have more questions, contact us freely.

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Dec 14

Decanter centrifuges have been working as really essential equipment for separating ever since it came out yrs ago, it is widely used in many industrial sectors, including the food industry, substance industry, pharmacy industry in addition to oil and gas industries.
Divided from the types, the decanter centrifuges could be defined as horizontal decanter centrifuge and vertical decanter centrifuges. The working principles work the same way that by using the different centrifugal forces laid on the distinct size materials, a certain sort of particles are separated out there. In oil and gas industry, side to side decanter centrifuges are commonly utilized while they use Vertical Cuttings Dryers in front of the horizontal decanter centrifuges. GNLW series decanter centrifuges covers all needed sizes and applications useful for oil and gas drilling, such programs including following:
1 . GNLW452, 18 inch diameter involving bowl, big bowl centrifuge, middle speed. suitable for solids control application in gas and oil drilling, especially for barite recuperation. Barite is heavy and also expensive drilling material from the drilling liquid and could be fitted for re-use if it is very well recovered. This model of GNLW Centrifuge is normally fixed velocity as standard configuration, however it still has 3 optional rates by changing the pulleys and belts

2015.12.11 GN centrifuge
2 . GNLW363, 14 inch diameter connected with bowl, most popular size throughout oil and gas drilling, high speed as much as 3900RPM, it provides the most programs among all GNLW centrifuge versions, in case of fixed speed GNLW363, GN designed 3 various speeds based on the experiences inside previous projects, and user could choose via employing different pulley and devices. In case of VFD controlled, GN also have 2 optional VFD control panel for selection, the speed could be set coming from 0 rpm to 3200 rpm.
3. GNLW453-VFD decanter centrifuge, 18 inch jar diameter big bowl centrifuge, with larger length size ratio as above mentioned GNLW452, higher speed and for extra excellent particles comparing with GNLW452, but with larger treating ability than GNLW363.
4. Major big bowl centrifuge GNLW553C-VFD with 22 inch pan diameter, which is no doubt a major guy in centrifuge family members, and GNLW223 decanter centrifuge with only 9 half inch bowl and a very high velocity, which is a baby member throughout GNLW centrifuge family.

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Dec 04

In recent years, decanter centrifuges with brand GN Solids Control is more and more popular and accepted by end users all over the world. From the extremely low temperature in countries like Russia, to the extremely high temperature countries like Kuwait, you can easily find GN centrifuges working on the jobsite. GNLW series decanter centrifuge models cover nearly all necessary applications in the oil and gas industry, and in some slurry treating industries and also for mining.

Now for oil and gas solids control and drilling waste management industry, we all use Horizontal sedimentation centrifuge, and we call all of them decanter centrifuges or centrifuges for short.

GN has a full series of horizontal sedimentation centrifuges, ranging from 9 inch diameter bowl to 22 inch diameter bowl, and all those centrifuges could be divided into two catalogs, the economic configuration, GN standard models, and the highest configuration, the internationally highest standard and materials.

Take GNLW363 Decanter centrifuge for example, which is also the most popular model, there are totally 5 options, see the detailed compassion as below:

Grouped in configurations and material used for centrifuges:

  1. high configuration, GNLW363CG/GNLW363CG-VFD, we use best material and parts, like SS2205 by centrifugal casting for bowl material, SKF bearings. and tungsten carbide tiles for impeller protection. We compete with other top manufacturers from USA and Europe.

Main applications : waste management centrifuge, dewatering centrifuge, and slurry industries for extra fine particles.

  1. economic configuration: GNLW363CD/CD-VFD, ss304 by centrifugal casting for bowl material, NSK bearing and ceramic tiles for protecting impeller.

This model is mostly used inside China, comparing with other China suppliers, this model has better quality, but price nearly same.

Main applications: solids control centrifuges mostly for barite recovery and fine particles, as the forth step of solids control system.

For the optional electric control panels, GN totally has 3 options, Positive pressurized control panel, flame proof VFD control panel, and flame proof fixed speed control panel. For the economic configuration GNLW363CD, all three options for electric control panel available, while for the high configuration, there are positive pressurized control panel available.

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Nov 17

The required definition of a solid waste is not based on the type and/or physical of the material, but on the fact that the material is surely a waste.  RCRA §1004 (27) defines solid waste as:

Any type of waste, refuse, sludge from a wasted-water treatment plant, water         supply treatment plant, or air pollution control facility, and other discarded    material, including solid, liquid, semisolid, or contained gaseous material,    resulting from industrial, commercial, mining, and agricultural operations and      from community activities.

RCRA defines the solid waste as a material that is discarded by being abandoned, inherently waste-like, recycled, or a military munition identified as a solid waste.


The term abandoned  means discard in a simple way.  Under §261.2(b), a material is abandoned if it is disposed of, fire, or incinerated.  In addition, a material that is stored prior to, or in lieu of in any one of these activities, is also considered to be abandoned. In addition to obvious examples of abandonment, such as land disposal/burial, EPA also includes activities such as incineration within the definition of the term (50     FR     627; January 4, 1985).


Some materials are always considered solid wastes under §261.2(d), even if they are recycled in some manner (i.e., they are considered to be inherently waste-like). Because these materials may be dangerous to human health and the environment when they are recycled, they do not qualify for any exemption of recycle.  Examples of inherently waste-like materials are the dioxin-containing listed wastes F020, F022, F023, F026 and F028.  Dangerous waste meeting the F021 listing is also considered inherently waste-like unless it is used at the site of generation as an ingredient in a product.  Also, any secondary materials that are characteristic or listed dangerous wastes are considered to be breath-in waste-like when they are fed to a halogen acid furnace.  This provision was added to ensure that halogen acid furnaces burn some of the most toxic wastes generated in the US, adulated when burning any type of hazardous waste (56    FR     7141; February 21, 1991).

drilling cuttings stabilization unit


A material is recycled if it is being used, been reused, or being reclaimed (§261. 1 (c) (7)).  These three terms have specific regulatory definitions.  A material is reclaimed if it is processed to recover a usable product or if it is regenerated (e.g., regeneration of spent solvents) (§261.1(c)(4)).


On February 12, 1997, EPA finalized a rule that specified when unused and used military munitions are considered discarded and become solid wastes (62     FR      6622).  Military munitions that are not using become solid wastes when the munitions are removed from contain unit  for disposal or treatment prior to disposal; when the munitions are leaking or rot, so that they cannot be recycled or reused; or when declared a solid waste by an appointed military official.  New and/or unused munitions that are fixed, recycle, or reclaimed, are not considered solid wastes, nor are they counted as solid wastes while in storage in demilitarization accounts . It applies as solid waste when  munitions are finally removed from storage for the purposes of disposal do they become solid wastes.

drilling cuttings solidsfication unit

The Solidification Unit is a system conbination with screw conveyors and a Mature high shear mixers which has been already in the market for a long time. So it looks like new product but it’s not new product. The solidification unit and thermal desorption unit, as one of the most efficient and economic drilling waste disposal method, has been widely required by drilling waste management companies. solidification techniques are not only used for the treatment of wastes but also for other applications such as the treatment of contaminated sediments, industrial effluents, and for the rehabilitation of polluted sites. GN Solids Control new developed solidification unit has been shipped to domestic client.

If you have interest in GN’s solidification system and waste cuttings drying system,  pls contact us for more information at our website


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Sep 27

Vertical cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge combination is widely used for drying the drilling cutting in the jobsite. Recently, GN manufactured a new combination which is vertical cutting dryer and high-G shale shaker for shale gas project. Even the high-G shale shaker could not reach the same excellent working performance as the decanter centrifuge, high-G shale shaker has the dual functions for the whole systemHigh-G Shale Shaker

NO.1 Application

Drilling cuttings are transported to vertical cutting dryer by GN auger. GN cutting dryer will recovery the drilling fluids and subsequently delivery to 8 G-force drying shaker for further process.

NO.2 Application

Under specific situation such as cutting dryer is broken down or dryer need do the maintainence. GN High-G drying shaker will take similar role as the cutting dryer to dry the solids assure drilling cutting are continuously processed.

New Generation of Vertical cutting dryer AdvantageCutting Dryer

GN vertical cutting dryer has been tested in the field for different type of mud including oil based mud, synthetic based mud and water based mud. We have had a really good result and testing report. There are some reasons why we achieve a good performance. First of all, we install new air blow system in the cutting dryer. We must admit that solids or cutting will block or stick on the screen as the density and viscosity of material, However, GN high pressure air system effectively blow away all the material stuck on the screen assure unit long time service. Secondly, flush system is maximum cleaning all the solids or material stuck on the screen and inner bowl. Positive displacement pump provide high pressure and large amount of clean water in order to wash out fine solids and material stick on the screen. All in all, new generation cutting dryer offer a better working performance.

For your drilling cutting process, you could contact with GN for a better solution.

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Aug 14

1. Immediately after years and year meticulous design and style and analysis, GN screen form centrifuge is successfully in a position to dry the drilled solids within the oil base mud, synthetic based mud even water primarily based mud
Solids are transferred to the feed chute of Cuttings Dryer by auger. The strong is promptly accelerated to machine speed by the cone cap and flites and is directed towards the screen surface. Liquid-solid separation begins immediately upon make contact with together with the screen surface. Then solids are discharged in the screen bottom and fall by gravity in to the discharge area from the machine. Particles is collected by the operator’s auger and hopper suggests straight underneath the machine. Fluids are discharged by way of the screen, and discharged by means of effluent openings. Fluids from effluent openings are going to be processed by the GNLW decanter centrifuge for further operation.
2.Advantages Comparing to Other Brand

1. GN Vertical cuttings dryer treating capacity is in a position to reaches to 30~50 Ton/Hour. Drying efficiency OOC 5%
2. Air knife is supplied for cleaning the screen to stop sticky mud clog on the screen. Flushing pump is flushing cleaning water to prevent solids accumulation
3. Balancing testing for all major rotary elements to lessen vibration & noisy assure long time service
4. High chrome alloy material flights to be anti-abrasive from solids and ensure long operation life.
GN understands the importance in the best service possible not only quickly supply all kinds of spare parts, but also qualified factory-trained person available all over the world. GN service staff can ascertain first hand if you are getting positive performance, if not, make corrective recommendations.

GN cutting dryer is sold to all over the world to reduce the solids waste and maximum recovery the drilling fluids. For more information, you could contact with GN head office or relative region branch and agent.
The most popular Vertical Cuttings Dryer model for Nigeria Customer


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May 10

High standard materials, advanced technology and many years of experience in the design of cutting dryers have been incorporated in the fabrication of GN centrifuge. GN cutting dryer is designed for a long time lifespan. We sincerely believe dryer’s performance and durability will confirm your judgment in selecting this GN centrifuge. GN field service engineers are available to assist you with any operating problem you might have. It is the mission of GN to have a service team present at each new machine working site.

Screen Cleaning System

cutting dryer 1

Cutting Dryer

Flights, air knife and flushing system are critical for keeping cutting dryer maximum performance and prevent the screen from mud plugging. Especially, we install the air knife and flushing system that effectively keep cutting dryer long time running and process abrasive and rigid mud. Not only the material of flights is made of chrome alloy, but the precision angle of flights has been tested for many times in order to keep the screen clean condition.

Hundreds time test and selecting the top material assure GN cutting dryer capability and durability. Once again, we sincerely believe dryer’s pe

rformance and durability will confirm your judgment in selecting this GN centrifuge. Also, we provide the high quality shale shaker, mud cleaner , centrifuge and all kinds of pump etc

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Apr 11

Third generation of GN cutting dryer is on the optimum level for recovery synthetic and oil drilling fluids. There is no doubt that lost drilling fluid can be costly and throw a project off the schedule. Our solids control equipment is committed to work with our clients to evaluate the project need and provide a custom-tailored way including mud recycling system Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Coal Bed Methane (CBM) and water well and solids control equipment such as shale shaker, desilter, desander, mud cleaner and centrifuge, vertical cutting dryer. GN cutting dryers are widely recognized for dramatic decreases in drill solids waste discharge.

Improved Characteristics

High Effiency Cutting Dryer

High Effiency Cutting Dryer

1.  Cutting dryer is equipped with air knife, which blow away the fine particle stuck on the screen.
2. All normal wear parts are easily accessible from the machine.

3. Separate oil cooling system lubricate the whole system providing long-time service time

4.Two augers are installed on the button of the cutting dryer maximize transport the solids to the site, which are able to deal with large quantity of synthetic, oil, or ester based.

GN extensive range of equipment is the best in class under stringent manufacturing standards (API/ISO 9001) ensure you are being provided with reliable, field proven, high performance equipment

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Feb 28

 Along with high-standard environmental requirements, GN Solids control need a Varity of solutions so as to take solid/fluid separation technology up a new stage .GN vertical cutting dryer is a typical  advanced solids control equipment which recycles large proportion SBM ( Synthetic Base Mud ) and OBM ( Oil Base Mud ). Effectively separates and recovers larger-proportion drilling fluids that can be reused in the drilling solids recycle system and recovers the drilling fluids lost

3R of Achievement

Reduce the amount of SBM and OBM to meet environmental objectives


Vertical Cutting Dryer on the site

Recover valuable base fluids for reuse

Reduce fluids content prior to other treatment in order to increase process capacity


1.The GN vertical cutting dryer normally can reach the performance of the oil on the cutting(OOC) to be 3%~5%

 2. High G Force up to 420G

3. Big Volume for 30~50 tons/H

4. Stainless Steel Screen with opening 250/350/500 microns for option.

5.  Adjustable and replaceable Flights easy for maintenance

6. Individual Oil Lubrication system ensures reliable operaion

7. All major rotation parts is balanced individually

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Mar 29

GN have entered into drilling waste management field for a long time and now take the leading position among China companies. At present, No company in China could manufacture cuttings dryer except for GN Solids Control Co.,Ltd. So far, GN has sent their vertical cuttings dryer to many countries, big players in Brazil, Iran,Egypt,India,Kuwait…

vertical cuttings dryer_
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