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Waste Water Cleaning Equipment
Jun 29

Oil and Gas Industry is changing its pace every year, from conventional drilling to unconventional drilling to pad drilling. So the industry traditional mud recycling system is gradually replaced by automatic, systematic and close-looped mud recycling system. More drilling contractors have equipped cutting dryers with their mud processing system. The cutting dryer can meet the environmental requirement and recover and recycle more material for reuse.

Recently we have supplier many key equipment to world’s drilling and solids control market especially in the Russian Market. We have supplied 6 units of



s, Mud cleaning system—2 systems, 6 units of Centrifugal pumps, 2 units of Centrifugal degasser, and our star equipment—4 units of our decant Centrifuge. We have find a serval good local distributor in the Russian Market to help us push our equipment, and this is one of the key marketing methods we use.

In the US Market, we have been pushing our new composite framed shale shaker screens have the follow features: the steel frame part is welded automatically by robot with higher strength and better quality conformity. The injection molded plastic is mixed with imported fiberglass and it can resists high temperature up to 140 degree, and it’s tougher, more endurable and can work under higher vibration G force. GN’s composite screens cover GN’S OEM screen, MI SWACO MONGOOSE, BRANDT VENOM, BRANDT KING COBRA, FSI, etc. GN can also customize the screens according to customer’s requirement. All the composite screens are repairable. Comparing to steel framed screens, the non blank area of composite framed screen is 10-20% more. And the composite frame is not easily to get rusted and can be stored up to 5 years.

That’s the brief introduction about GN’s new fully hydraulic drive decanter centrifuge. Welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to



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Jun 17

Comparing with other solids control equipment like the shale shaker, desander, desilter and other equipment, the decanter centrifuge clearly need more attention and more care during operation in order to make sure a good performance, especially on the 24*7 running jobsites.
As the leading manufacturer of solids control and waste management manufacturer in China, GN has been producing hundreds of decanter centrifuges and GN centrifuges are working all over the world, GN has following tips to share with the decanter centrifuge owners or operators.

a good choice of centrifuge

GN decanter centrifuge

1. Before confirming the model, collect as much as information including the those points: the jobsite condition, like the temperature, the end users’ special request like the EX standard (ExdIIBT4? IEC EX? ATEX or Gost?), the allowable max electric current, and electric specification of the jobsite(380V, 50HZ? 460V, 60HZ? 415V, 50HZ or others?). And try to collect as much information of the material to be treated, the largest particle size, the solids contents before treatment, and the allowable largest particle size and solids content after treatment. A right choice of decanter centrifuge is the precondition of its good performance. Those are GN Centrifuge Models for your reference.
2. Before installing and commissioning of the decanter centrifuge, read the user’s manual carefully and get a general idea of the specific model of decanter centrifuge and the control panel. Normally, the VFD controlled decanter centrifuge is more complicated to operate, the operator need to have both mechanical and electric knowledge to handle it, at least for operate it.
3. Assign a specific professional engineer or operator for each decanter centrifuge. His work is to observe the condition of the decanter centrifuge and discover any problem at the first time and solve it. Because the centrifuge is high speed running machine, and when the mud condition changed a bit, it affect the performance and the centrifuge service life.
4. Lubricate the centrifuge on time, especially the bearings. Like GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge, the bearings are original SKF bearing. Good bearings ensure a longer service life on basic that you maintenance them carefully. Per manual’s instruction, some points of decanter centrifuge need to be lubricated every shaft and some need to be lubricated after running some hours.
5. A standard equipment is designed for common conditions, but not for all. In some cases, the end user need to make the jobsite condition to suit the equipment, like to make some isolation for keeping the equipment warm or cool, sometimes, the end users even put the decanter centrifuge in a air conditioned room or container to get an ideal performance.
May you have more questions or need more information, welcome to contact GN freely.

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Nov 17

The required definition of a solid waste is not based on the type and/or physical of the material, but on the fact that the material is surely a waste.  RCRA §1004 (27) defines solid waste as:

Any type of waste, refuse, sludge from a wasted-water treatment plant, water         supply treatment plant, or air pollution control facility, and other discarded    material, including solid, liquid, semisolid, or contained gaseous material,    resulting from industrial, commercial, mining, and agricultural operations and      from community activities.

RCRA defines the solid waste as a material that is discarded by being abandoned, inherently waste-like, recycled, or a military munition identified as a solid waste.


The term abandoned  means discard in a simple way.  Under §261.2(b), a material is abandoned if it is disposed of, fire, or incinerated.  In addition, a material that is stored prior to, or in lieu of in any one of these activities, is also considered to be abandoned. In addition to obvious examples of abandonment, such as land disposal/burial, EPA also includes activities such as incineration within the definition of the term (50     FR     627; January 4, 1985).


Some materials are always considered solid wastes under §261.2(d), even if they are recycled in some manner (i.e., they are considered to be inherently waste-like). Because these materials may be dangerous to human health and the environment when they are recycled, they do not qualify for any exemption of recycle.  Examples of inherently waste-like materials are the dioxin-containing listed wastes F020, F022, F023, F026 and F028.  Dangerous waste meeting the F021 listing is also considered inherently waste-like unless it is used at the site of generation as an ingredient in a product.  Also, any secondary materials that are characteristic or listed dangerous wastes are considered to be breath-in waste-like when they are fed to a halogen acid furnace.  This provision was added to ensure that halogen acid furnaces burn some of the most toxic wastes generated in the US, adulated when burning any type of hazardous waste (56    FR     7141; February 21, 1991).

drilling cuttings stabilization unit


A material is recycled if it is being used, been reused, or being reclaimed (§261. 1 (c) (7)).  These three terms have specific regulatory definitions.  A material is reclaimed if it is processed to recover a usable product or if it is regenerated (e.g., regeneration of spent solvents) (§261.1(c)(4)).


On February 12, 1997, EPA finalized a rule that specified when unused and used military munitions are considered discarded and become solid wastes (62     FR      6622).  Military munitions that are not using become solid wastes when the munitions are removed from contain unit  for disposal or treatment prior to disposal; when the munitions are leaking or rot, so that they cannot be recycled or reused; or when declared a solid waste by an appointed military official.  New and/or unused munitions that are fixed, recycle, or reclaimed, are not considered solid wastes, nor are they counted as solid wastes while in storage in demilitarization accounts . It applies as solid waste when  munitions are finally removed from storage for the purposes of disposal do they become solid wastes.

drilling cuttings solidsfication unit

The Solidification Unit is a system conbination with screw conveyors and a Mature high shear mixers which has been already in the market for a long time. So it looks like new product but it’s not new product. The solidification unit and thermal desorption unit, as one of the most efficient and economic drilling waste disposal method, has been widely required by drilling waste management companies. solidification techniques are not only used for the treatment of wastes but also for other applications such as the treatment of contaminated sediments, industrial effluents, and for the rehabilitation of polluted sites. GN Solids Control new developed solidification unit has been shipped to domestic client.

If you have interest in GN’s solidification system and waste cuttings drying system,  pls contact us for more information at our website


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Nov 01

GN Solids Control designs, manufactures and sells a host of solids control equipment specialized for Oil& Gas filed, HDD, Mining, Geothermal, Diamond & Core Drilling and Water Well drilling industries. From linear motion shale shaker, and mud pump package, to recycling systems with the capability of 150 gallon/minutes, up to 2000 gallon/minute. GN is capable of having equipment ready and on its way to your location with just a email or phone call. Whether you are buying a single unit or the complete system, GN sale team will provide the best choice for you. We are proud to have a worldwide distributor and warehouse in order to offer the fast spare parts and best service.4

1. Custom Design Available

In addition to GN standard line of equipment, we also provide our clients the ability to work with our experienced engineer to meet your specialized needs. A quote and our design are normally delivered to you the same day. Want to different size of mud tank? No problem, just provided you expected tank volume and shape, we will do the rest. Want to different treating capacity of equipment? No problem, tell us your required capacity and we will do the rest. Want your equipment customized colored? No problem, just provide us with your RAM paint color and we will do the rest.

2. Solids Control Replacement Parts

GN Solids Control stocks and carries a complete spare parts and expendables for solids control equipment in the industry. I.E we supply different brand of shaker screens including replacement shaker screen for Derrick series, Swaco series and Brandt Series. GN centrifugal pump is also replaceable with Mission Pump part. Our pricing is reasonable so to check with GN before you purchase anywhere else! We want you as our clients and will match a lower price. Sometimes you may find something priced lower but GN will always be there for you.

You tell us what and when you need it. We will figure out how to provide for you!

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Nov 16

Decanter Centrifuge is so named because it Decants, or removes, free liquid from separated solids. Decanter centrifuge work on the principle of exposing the process fluid to increased ” G-force”, thus accelerating the settling rate of solids in the fluid. A rotating bowl creates high G-forces and forms a liquid pool inside the bowl.

The free liquid and finer solids flow toward the larger end of the centrifuge and are removed through the effluent overflow weirs. The larger solids settle against the bowl wall, forming a layer. these solids are pushed by a screw conveyor across a dtrainage deck, or beach.Dewatering actually takes place on the beach,with the decanted solids discharged through a series of underflow ports. A gear box changes the relative speed of the screw conveyor to the bowl, Causing them to rotate at slightly different rates. this speed differential is required to convey and discharge solids. The bowl and conveyor are rotated at speeds between 1500 and 4000 rpm depending on bowl diameter.This rotation generate centrifugal force sufficient to settle solids along the inner surface of the bowl wall. A gearbox is used to rotate the conveyor and bowl at slightly different speed. this speed differential conveys and discharge solids from the centrifuge.

Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuge

Bowl sizes in commom oilfield applications include diameters of 14 inch, 15 inch,18 inch, 24 inch.In unweighted mud applications feed mud capacity can range from 25-250 gpm, depending on unit capability and fluid requirements. solids tonnage rates range from 1.25 tons/hour to 8 tons/ weighted mud applications,feed mud capacity rarely exceeds 25 gpm. Total liquid throughput maybe as high as 40 gpm,including dilution liquid. Dilution liquid is required to compensate for increasing viscosity,generally associated with increaing mud weight,in order to maintain satisfactory separation efficiency. The raw mud feed rate is substantially decreased as mud weight increases.

GN Solids Control is the first API certified Solids Control Equipment manufacturer in China. oilfield decanter centrifuge is one of our maini equipments. For more information about decanter centrifuge, Please feel free to contact with GN Solids Control.

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Aug 06

A client inquired GN for a sump tank, with a high G shale shaker installed on a tank.They tend to adapt the shale shaker as high G dryer. They required the length and width of the tank is exactly the same with shaker length and width basket, meanwhile and they want the height of the tank to be at range of 1 m.

They also need two flanges by 2″ and 3″ size to be installed on width side close to the bottom the tank to be able to connect a Welden pump (air supply type) and suck collected oil for the tank that has been installed below the H-G Dryer into the active mud system.

For the shale shaker, they tend to choose API 40 & API140 shaker screen based on their detail condition.

GN suggest them with the latest design 4-panel high G shale shaker, whose shake screen is interchangeable with Brandt Cobra shaker.GN design the tank dimension of 2775mm×1652mm×900mm.Total height of the shale shaker is within 2.5m, shake shaker do not need to removed for transportation.40feet high cube container is ok for ocean shipment.



Clients are very satisfied with the system.They have ordered 2 of this shaker unit.GN are now working for them.

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Apr 02

GN solids control has matched and manufactured a sludge-separating system for a China top environmentalist company.

Structure and matching equipments of the FL1000 sludge-separating system

This sludge-separating system is composed of mud tank, shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifugal pumps, electric control system, lighting system, and the relative components,etc…

There are 5 GNZS83-3 shale shakers and 3 sets of lighting system on the 1# mud tank.

On the 2# mud tank, there are 3 GNZJ83-3 desander, 3 GNZJ83-3 desilter, 6 SB8X6-14 sand pump and 4 sets of lighting system.

Main specification of the FL1000 sludge-separating system

Max capacity     1000 m3/h

System motor power      488.4kW

Separating scale      20μm

Water content in the solids    ≤70%

List of matching parts of the FL1000 sludge-separating system

S/C description specification quantity remarks
1 1#shale shaker tank 12×3×1.3m 1pc
2 2#cleaner tank 15×3×1.3m 1pc
3 Shale shaker GNZS83-3 5pc Italy OLI vibration motor 17.2Kw
4 desander GNZQJ250 3pc Italy OLI vibration motor ,10.32Kw
5 desilter GNZQJ100 3pc Italy OLI vibration motor ,10.32Kw
6 Sand pump SB8×6-14 6pc Soft start included,450Kw
7 Ladder, walkway, guardrail, valves, manifolds 1set
8 Electric control system 1set Siemens


9 Lighting system 7set explosion-proof


Recycling process of the mud purification of the FL1000 sludge-separating system

GNZJ83-3 desilter

Sludge from dredger enters shale shaker through sand pump pipe., then, enter the shale shaker tank. Sludge of shale shaker tank goes into overflow pipe, then falls into desander cabin of cleaner tank. Sludge of desander cabin goes into the desander for treatment with the power of sand pump, then, falls into the desilter cabin as the form of dischargable water.

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Dec 07

Water cleaning equipment base

Environmental protection has been more and more attache importance these years . Waste water cleaing has been grown stronger , so thant waste water cleaning equipment has been more and more popular .

Waste water cleaning equipment content

Waste water cleaing equipment could be different as per different conditions of waste water . I came across one clients need to separate solids 5% of 500 micron to 15 micron . If that , we could choose a small mud cleaner GNTJ60 with 1 qty of desander cone and 4 qty of desilter cone for total capacity within 60 cubic meters per hour . 2 Centrifugal pump SB4X3-12  11kw to feed the desander and desilter cone . A small tank 3.5m long X 2.3m wide X 1.3m high .

Water cleaning equipments difference

Waste water cleaning equipment is similar with drilling mud cleainng equipments , but there are some difference between them . Mostly it’s treating capacity regularly not same , and they need different equipment .  Sure it’s working principle for the equipments are same .

Contact GN Solids Control to know more .

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