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GN’s decanter centrifuge has two types of control methods, one of which is making the decanter centrifuge running at a fixed speed, the other one is driving the centrifuge with program through a VFD panel. As the name implies, the panel could control the decanter centrifuge to run at variable speed to meet the operation demand.

However, it was too simple if the VFD panel can only drive the centrifuge to run with a wide range of speed. The VFD panel should be much smart than only speed control. GN’s decanter centrifuge is driven by 2 motors; one main drive for the bowl speed, the other one auxiliary is for screw propellers. GN’s VFD is for three devices, main motor, back motor and feeding pump motor. For the decanter centrifuge, the operator could input the bowl speed and differential speed on the touch screen, with these 2 speeds, the program will then calculate the back drive speed.

GN’s 14 inch decanter centrifuge is designed with Max. speed up to 3900RPM, however, the for oil filed drilling mud cleaning application, the operators will not run the centrifuge at a so high speed. GN solids control VFD panel could classify the speed into 2 steps. The first step is from 0 to normal working speed like 3200 RPM. In this range, all the operators could set the speed in any value. For higher speed, only the director or manager could set it by inputting the pass word first.

decanter centrifuge

GN’s panel can also monitor the temperature of the bearing and the current to protect the centrifuge. Like GN’s panel will collect the signal from the sensors at the bearing and transfer it into visual data thus the operator will know the actual temp. at the bearing. GN also has windows to show the Ampere percentage of the motor current. Once the actual Ampere reaching up to pre-set value, the machine will trip off.

Operators need read GN VFD panel manual carefully before running it. It takes some time to know how to operate GN VFD centrifuge well.

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