Aug 19

LiaoHe Oilfield, a CNPC organization, which can be the greatest production base for thickened oil and higher pour point oil in China has already procured 5 unit complete mud cleaning system from GN. The newest ZJ50 rig mud cleaning program has been presently operating nicely about the jobsite soon straight away just after our technicist creating the commissioning.


The crucial equipments list for this 6-Tank approach beneath:

1. three units Shale Shaker each and every capacity of 140m3/hr

two. 1 unit Vaccum Degasser GNCQ360 wich eliminate the reduce in gas from the drilling mud to boost the efficiency of transfer pump.

three. Desander and Desilter just about every single for 1

4. 1 unit Higher Speed Decanter Centrifuge GNLW363

5. Agitators to stop the drilling mud sedimentation

6. Centrifugal Pump for transfer mud internal tank and charge to mud pump.

7. This ZJ50 rig mud cleaning system also equiped with poor boy degasser to stop blowout.

Concentrate on higher level domestic marketplace spot place and International marketplace location, GN generally adheres great 1st, Credit priority. By preserving this principle, GN established lengthy term organization relation with principal oilfield in China and at the moment exported to virtually 60 nations. Collectively using the GN new facility beginning production, welcome clientele household and abroad come for going to and company negotiation.

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